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Index of published volumes


Volume 4 (July 2024) - 


V4A16. Los mixomicetes de Chiapas: nueve décadas de estudio. Sofía Gutiérrez Zamarripa and Erika C. Pérez Ovando.


V4A15. First record of Ceratiomyxa morchella A.L. Welden (Amoebozoa, Myxomycetes) to Southern Brazil. Jorge Renato Pinheiro Velloso, Laise de Holanda Cavalcanti, Marcos André Pinheiro Velloso and Jair Putzke. 


V4A14. Species diversity of myxomycetes inhabiting twig litter of dominant native trees and exotic trees in the forests of the oceanic Ogasawara Island. See supplementary material. Kazunari Takahashi, Kotaro Mimani and Kyoko Tateishi.


V4A13. Biography: Bruce Ing. Steven L. Stephenson.


V4A12. Biography: Diana Wrigley de Basanta. Carlos Lado.


V4A11. Annotated Checklist of the Myxomycetes of Montana. Steven L. Stephenson.


V4A10. Dictyostelids from a Tropical Forest in Cuba. John C. Landolt and Steven L. Stephenson.


V4A9. Myxomycetes of the Monte Alto Protected Zone in Costa Rica: a case study. Carlos Rojas, Pedro A. Rojas and Miguel Méndez García.


V4A8. Dictyostelium mucoroides from Subantarctic Campbell Island. John C. Landolt and Steven L. Stephenson.


V4A7. Xyloidion delavignei Czern., a forgotten synonym of Lycogala flavofuscum (Ehrenb.) Rostaf. Dmytro V. Leontyev.


V4A6. A record of Ceratiomyxa hemisphaerica from Germany. Karsten Buch, Martin Schnittler and Dmytro V. Leontyev.


V4A5. Type collections of Lycogala: where are they? Dmytro V. Leontyev.


V4A4. Bias in the calculation of myxomycete species mean substrate properties. Peter Wellman. 


V4A3. Biography: Carlos Lado. Diana Wrigley de Basanta. 


V4A2 - Special Contribution.  The 11th International Congress on the Systematics and Ecology of Myxomycetes: Abstract book. Iryna Yatsiuk, Dmytro V. Leontyev, Anastasia Kochergina, Martin Schnittler, Urmas Kõljalg and Carlos Rojas (eds).


V4A1. Myxomycetes distribution along an elevational gradient on coniferous woody debris in mountains of Central Japan. Kazunari Takahashi, Yuichi Harakon and Yousuke Degawa.



Volume 3 (July 2023)download complete volume


V3A16. Biography: Uno Eliasson. Carlos Rojas.


V3A15. Fluorescence in the Badhamia utricularis plasmodium. Valentina Luengo Uribe, Götz Palfner and José Becerra Allende.


V3A14. Fine-tuning a method for DNA-extraction of myxomycetes. Myriam de Haan and Wim Baert.


V3A13. Assessment of myxomycete species diversity on twig litter on Yakushima Island, World Natural Heritage site, Japan. Kazunari Takahashi, Akira Tominaga and Koutaro Minami.


V3A12. Myxomycetes associated with Nowellia curvifolia on decorticated spruce logs. Steven L. Stephenson and Randy G. Darrah.


V3A11. New record of Comatricha alta Preuss (Stemonitaceae, Stemonitales) from Brazil. Lucca de Araujo Toschi, Izabel Cristina Moreira and Solange Xavier-Santos.


V3A10. Myxomycetes of Vietnam: A Systematic Review. Ly Tien Loi, Luu Huynh Duc, Nikki Heherson A. Dagamac, and Yuri K. Novozhilov.


V3A9. On the Track of the Elusive Slime Mold (Book Review). Adam W. Rollins.


V3A8. A record of Didymium subreticulosporum from Australia. Teresa Van Der Heul.


V3A7. Myxomycetes (Amoebozoa) growing on Cordyline australis (G. Forst.) Endl. Óscar Requejo and N. Floro Andrés-Rodríguez.


V3A6. Myxomycetes associated with bryophyte mats in San Ramón, Costa Rica. Carlos Rojas and Steven L. Stephenson.


V3A5. The importance of substrate properties in the occurrence of species of myxomycetes. Peter Wellman.


V3A4. Myxomycetes associated with the aerial litter microhabitat in a temperate deciduous forest during winter. Steven L. Stephenson and Barbara C. Stephenson.


V3A3. Atlantic Rainforest Myxomycetes: Species of the Serra do Teimoso Reserve (Bahia, Brazil). Nestor Valente Powell, Leandro de Almeida Nepomuceno Neves Agra, Andrea Carla Caldas Bezerra and Laise de Holanda Cavalcanti.


V3A2A rapid survey of myxomycetes associated with different substrata in Luzon Island, Philippines. Melissa H. Pecundo, Anthony T. Buaya and Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz.


V3A1. Myxomycetes Associated with Plant-based Substrata Collected around Bulusan Lake in Sorsogon, Philippines.
Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz, Ryoichi S. Taguchi, Jan Meynard A. Dotig, Reina Justina P. Tolete, Raphaela Mary Rose G. De Leon, Joan R. Nace and Enrico M. Cabutaje.



Volume 2 (July 2022) - download complete volume


V2A16. Assessment of Natural and Synthetic Substrates as Spore Traps for Myxomycetes. Ninna Florentina G. Garcia, Dianne Coleen G. Baylosis, Mary Sandy Denice S. Esteva, Franz Robert F. Estampador, Nikki Heherson A. Dagamac and Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz.


V2A15. A taxonomic guide to the species of Didymium. II. The sessile species including MucilagoJim Clark and Edward F. Haskins.


V2A14. Myxomycetes and Australian newspapers. Heino Lepp.


V2A13. A Home-based Experiment with Myxomycetes for Teaching Basic Ecological Concepts. Franz Robert F. Estampador, Mary Sandy Denice S. Esteva, Ninna Florentina G. Garcia, Dianne Coleen G. Baylosis, Nikki Heherson A. Dagamac and Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz.


V2A12. Myxomycetes associated with bryophyte mats in the Mountain Lake area of southwestern Virginia. Steven L. Stephenson and Barbara C. Stephenson.


V2A11. Rapid assessment of myxomycetes in Isla Calero and Isla Brava, Costa Rica. Carlos Rojas and Randall Valverde.


V2A10. A Key to Common Genera of Slime molds - For Children and Beginners. Peta McDonald.


V2A9. A record of Diachea silvaepluvialis. Heino Lepp.


V2A8. David William Mitchell (1938-2019). Bruce Ing and Henrik Kylin.


V2A7. Testate amoebae coexist with corticolous myxomycetes on tree bark. Dmytro V. Leontyev and Anastasia V. Kochergina.


V2A6. Myxomycetes associated with the aerial litter microhabitat in a temperate deciduous forest. Steven L. Stephenson and Barbara C. Stephenson.


V2A5. Myxomycetes: Biology, Systematics, Biogeography, and Ecology (Book review). Dmytro V. Leontyev.


V2A4. Slime molds from Chile. Bruce Ing and David Minter.


V2A3. Slime mold records from California. Bruce Ing.


V2A2. Slime molds from Africa and Asia. Bruce Ing.


V2A1. New records of myxomycetes for the state of Veracruz from Cofre de Perote National Park. Berlia Beneric Salazar Hernández, Carlos Rojas, Antonio Andrade Torres and Rosario Medel Ortiz.



Volume 1 (July 2021) - download complete volume


V1A1. Prof. Dr. Indira Kalyanasundaram (1939-2021). Myriam de Haan and Steven L. Stephenson.


V1A2. Reptiles as vectors of the spores of dictyostelids. Courtney Trimble and Steven L. Stephenson.


V1A3. Elucidating hidden slime mold diversity in Southeast Asia: A review on potential methods. Prince Nur-Hakeem N. Buisan and Nikki Heherson A. Dagamac.


V1A4. Myxomycete assemblage turnover across a moisture and elevation gradient in Costa Rica. Alejandra Arenas-Taborda, María Carolina García-Chaves, Juan Pablo Niño-García and Carlos Rojas.


V1A5. A study case of two myxomycete surveys in a fir forest of central Mexico. Berlia Beneric Salazar-Hernández, Randall Valverde and Carlos Rojas.


V1A6. How an amateur got hooked—myxomycete research in Tasmania, Australia. Sarah Lloyd OAM.


V1A7. First survey of myxomycetes in woodlands and mangrove forests of Negros Oriental, Philippines. Anton Raphael U. Lim, Romeo Manuel N. Silva, Gabriel Renzo E. Lesaca, Vanessa Joy C. Mapalo, Melissa H. Pecundo and Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz.


V1A8. Ecological aspects of myxomycete assemblages in two Brazilian Cerrado landscapes. Lucas Leonardo-Silva, Izabel Cristina Moreira, Carlos Filipe Camilo-Cotrim, Carlos Rojas and Solange Xavier-Santos.


V1A9. Diversity of myxomycetes from forest habitats leading to Casaroro and Pulang Bato Falls in Negros Oriental, Philippines. Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz, Rommel Patrick DG. Fabul, Florence Pauline R. Romero, Mely Cherrylynne B. Cruz and Enrico M. Cabutaje.


V1A10. First record of Badhamia gigantospora from Brazil. Izabel Cristina Moreira, Lucas Leonardo-Silva and Solange Xavier-Santos.


V1A11. Secretive Slime Molds (Book review). Teresa Van der Heul.


V1A12. Biota of Japanese Myxomycetes (Book Review). Yuka Yajima.