ISSN: 2215-650X
An International Journal of Mycetozoans
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Index of publications


Volume 2


Volume 1 (July 2021)


V1A1. Prof. Dr. Indira Kalyanasundaram (1939-2021). Myriam de Haan and Steven L. Stephenson.


V1A2. Reptiles as vectors of the spores of dictyostelids. Courtney Trimble and Steven L. Stephenson.


V1A3. Elucidating hidden slime mold diversity in Southeast Asia: A review on potential methods. Prince Nur-Hakeem N. Buisan and Nikki Heherson A. Dagamac.


V1A4. Myxomycete assemblage turnover across a moisture and elevation gradient in Costa Rica. Alejandra Arenas-Taborda, María Carolina García-Chaves, Juan Pablo Niño-García and Carlos Rojas.


V1A5. A study case of two myxomycete surveys in a fir forest of central Mexico. Berlia Beneric Salazar-Hernández, Randall Valverde and Carlos Rojas.


V1A6. How an amateur got hooked—myxomycete research in Tasmania, Australia. Sarah Lloyd OAM.


V1A7. First survey of myxomycetes in woodlands and mangrove forests of Negros Oriental, Philippines. Anton Raphael U. Lim, Romeo Manuel N. Silva, Gabriel Renzo E. Lesaca, Vanessa Joy C. Mapalo, Melissa H. Pecundo and Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz.


V1A8. Ecological aspects of myxomycete assemblages in two Brazilian Cerrado landscapes. Lucas Leonardo-Silva, Izabel Cristina Moreira, Carlos Filipe Camilo-Cotrim, Carlos Rojas and Solange Xavier-Santos.


V1A9. Diversity of myxomycetes from forest habitats leading to Casaroro and Pulang Bato Falls in Negros Oriental, Philippines. Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz, Rommel Patrick DG. Fabul, Florence Pauline R. Romero, Mely Cherrylynne B. Cruz and Enrico M. Cabutaje.


V1A10. First record of Badhamia gigantospora from Brazil. Izabel Cristina Moreira, Lucas Leonardo-Silva and Solange Xavier-Santos.


V1A11. Secretive Slime Molds (Book review). Teresa Van der Heul.


V1A12. Biota of Japanese Myxomycetes (Book Review). Yuka Yajima.